When Pinwheel began, the initial idea was to make interesting green spaces for customer’s homes. Terrace and balconies in homes have a lot of potential to be used as interactive spaces but in most homes the use of this space is limited to gardening or drying laundry. We worked on the concepts that would increase the interaction between the space and its occupants. Our research and user feedback revealed that people would like smaller units that could be used around the house as home décor and planters rather than renovating a whole space. This gave them the freedom of customizing  without being heavy on the pocket. Thats how the Ecodor Series was initiated.

These products were meant to be more than just planters,  they were to be accents to any space hence the name- Eco+Home Décor = Ecodor.

 To start with  we observed planters that were available in various sizes, materials and types in the market. We were in search of a material that is sustainable and has characteristics suitable for a planter. The material would have to be abundantly available and easily molded into any desired shape, light in weight and allowing good air flow and most of all have a high water retaining capacity. The challenge was to find a material with all the properties but still economically viable so that our products would appeal to a wider user base.Our research showed that the fibre from the husk of coconuts served all the above requirements well. Cocopots are a sustainable alternative to plastic pots. They are light weight and unbreakable unlike clay pots.  The fibre pot has lower incidence of molding, faster water absorption and retention resulting in less watering. These properties made the pot apt for indoor usage as well.

Our designs add an interesting twist to the idea of ‘going green’. With Ecodor turn boring spaces into happening spots with one – of – a – kind art.  These products accessorise the space as a wall art and adding the plant gives a warmth to the décor. We have created a package that consists of a powdercoated metal structure, Pot and mud; So all you need to do is plant !! All the products are available in 5 colours – Canary Yellow, Ruby Red, Ice Blue, Serene White and Classic Black.  We have products catering to different categories like desktop, interior and exterior walls and balcony & garden.

Gifting trends are changing and as people look for more meaningful and environment concious products;  these units come as small, comfortably sized, quirky gifts customers like to send their loved ones.  

Looking to buy some products for yourself or your friends? You can view our products from the Ecodor Series here Garden Decor.